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There are 33,340 optometrists providing 90-million eye examinations every year.  Optometrists work very hard 250 days each year with 16 daily exam openings.  That is 134 million eye exams every year.  Some industry data suggests only 90-million see an eye doctor this year.  So, approximately 40-million eye exams go un-filled every year.  $3 billion worth of medical attention lost.  Why?

75% of adults can benefit from vision care or about 180-million people.  Half see an eye doctor.  Half skip, postpone, and delay care until it is urgent.  Vision is so important. Why do so many put off care?  It’s complicated.

Eye examinations are good.  Booking an eye exam is complicated.  There are a lot of moving parts like the doctors availability, the patients time, finding a doctor, and then booking an exam is more difficult than it needs to be.  59% of patients search for an eye exam outside regular office hours M-F, 9-5.   Most optometrist’s websites offer little more than a phone number or email request form.  Call me when my office opens.

Patients just put off care until the absolute last minute.

BidmyGlasses makes it better for everyone.  We help patients find eye doctors and eye exams 24/7.  We help make comfortable choices, see real exams, prices, savings offers, and book appointments good for both the doctor and the patient.

We bring all the connection together in Houston, Texas and are working as fast as we can to reach everyone else.

If you would like to help or be helped then contact us.  We getting ready to make vision care easier for everyone.

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40-million eye exams expire un-used every year while 90-million adults skip annual vision care.  Why?  It is complicated to find a new optometrist, negotiate an appointment, book-an-exam, and expensive if an employer does not sponsor vision insurance.  Patients will make the time for that eye exam when it is easier for them.  See Better.  Look Better.  Save Money. BidmyGlasses

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