BidmyGlasses Savings on Eye Exams and Eyeglasses

If you have vision health insurance benefits then read no further.  You are covered.

If you don’t have insurance then we have a deal for you.   BidmyGlasses brings together unfilled exams from local eye doctors with people that don’t have vision insurance.  The eye doctors offer an immediate purchase discount to fill the open appointments AND provide a merchandise coupon toward your eyeglasses.   Consumers prepay for the exam online for the time the eye doctor is available in return for the immediate savings.

Let’s face it, doctors have open exam times.  Nobody likes an empty chair.  Doctors know in advance when they need a little help.  We work with eye doctors to fill those open appointments.  In return the eye doctors provide a special discounted price, savings, and coupon towards eyeglasses.

You on the other side don’t have vision insurance.  It’s been a couple of years since your last eye exam.  It’s likely you never have a coupon when you need one.  So, in return for booking the available exam times and for paying in advance you get the savings.  Sometimes, the savings are equal to regular vision insurance benefits and you don’t have the monthly insurance premiums.

Any other catches?  Yes.  Eye doctors have problems with patient no shows.  Eye exams are not tooth aches.  Patients frequently cancel or no-show eye exam appointments.    Things just happen.  But, for the eye doctor is a business issue.  So, in return for these special savings the exam is non-refundable.  The eye doctor knows the exam is paid … show or no-show.

Everybody wins.  Now, time to get your eyes examined.  Do you see me now?

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