BidmyGlasses July 2014 Eye Exam Requests

Eye exams are an important part of life.  Yet, most people will postpone, put off, or just ignore an eye exam this year.

Why?  Because it’s hard.  It’s expensive.  It’s just something to do without this year.

What’s so hard?  Patients tell us their last eye exam was surprisingly expensive.  Patients are looking for a little help with the next exam.  They would like to know about the cost before they commit and they appreciate savings because they know it’s expensive.

They would like better tools to find a comfortable doctor.  Someone that will understand them.  Some patients would also like an eye doctor with special language skills.

Then when they find a doctor it would be nice to book the exam online.  No more voice mail, hold time, and negotiations to find an exam that works.

Well, we can help find just the doctor you want, by home, work or office. A doctor that understands you.  You can book the exam online and avoid the phone hassle.

If you can make one of these special exam times work then you can also save a lot of money.

Now we are serving the Houston metropolitan area.  You can see all of the July exam requests with the map below.  Click on the map for more details.

Eye Exams

Eye Exam Search Requests

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