BidmyGlasses can help with the cost of Eye Exams

Three out of four adults can benefit from vision care.  Take a dozen adults.  Three have lucky genes and perfect vision.  There’s also young, healthy, and just a matter of time.  Can you say 40?

Same dozen people, the remaining nine that would benefit from an eye exam … half will put it off, delay, postpone any attention.  It’s difficult to find a convenient optometrist,

BidmyGlasses Founder Steve Poley

I started BidmyGlasses because I also pay cash for eye exams.

date, time, and it’s so expensive.  Keep reading.

The remaining half … most have vision insurance.  Nice employer benefit.  Be sure to thank your boss.  Take advantage of the free or low-deductible exam.  Update your eyeglasses and look younger.  Nothing sharpens your attention to details like a new pair of eyeglasses.

Then there are cash-patients.  Thirty million of us pay cash each year for an exam.   It’s expensive to see an eye doctor and get new eyeglasses.   BidmyGlasses can help if you can make one of our special times work.  Find an optometrist near work, home, or school.  See available exams by date and time.  You can also see exam costs, discounts, and savings toward your eyeglasses.   You can postpone an eye exam for a long time … two, three, or four years … but eventually you’ll need help.  BidmyGlasses is available even when the doctor’s offices hours are over.

Oh, have vision insurance?  Have Medicare?  We can also help you find a doctor, date, and use your insurance.  Check us out.

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