Avoid the Painful Eye Exam Search

Eye exams must be painful.  Of the 60% that can benefit from an eye exam approximately 1/3 skip and 1/3 will postpone an exam two or three years.  Only the third with vision health insurance do annual checkups.

The pain isn’t the eye exam.  It is the unknown cost of an eye exam.   Selecting an eye doctor is complicated by so many options and so little information.   Start a web search and get hundreds of options.  You’ll see maps, web sites, and contact information.  Who has time to make calls?  Even when you make contact … pricing information is never available.

Eye exams are painful because it’s so hard to figure out what it’s going to cost.

BidmyGlasses simplifies the process.  Choose a city, pick a date, and see the available eye doctors, exam times, prices, and discount coupons.  Select one that fits your schedule and book the exam online.  No calls.  No schedule conflicts.  No pricing uncertainty.  You will know exactly what the eye exam costs and even have a coupon for buying eyeglasses.

How can we make eye exams so simple?  We help optometrist fill the exam times that normally go empty.  In return for taking one of the unfilled available exam times, optometrists are willing to give you an immediate discount and a coupon good toward the purchase of eyeglasses.  If you looking for a popular Saturday exam time or lunch time in the business district then BidmyGlasses will have a limited selection.  But, if you can fit the doctor’s schedule then enjoy the savings.

Don’t let another year go by without an eye exam.  Visit BidmyGlasses.com and make it easy to see things again.

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