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Free vision insurance benefits from your employer?  What a great deal!  Free annual eye exam.  Plus, get a discount on single lens eyeglasses.   If you have these benefits then good for you.   Look no further.

If you are paying for vision insurance then think about this. About 60-million annual eye exams include vision insurance (2 of every three eye exams).  Typical single person vision insurance plans cost $15/month or $180/year.   Benefits are defined as an annual eye exam with eye ware discount.  Some plans offer free eyeglasses from a restricted selection of frames.  Some plans require an additional $25 co-payment for the exam.  Your total out-of-pocket spending (premiums + co-payments) can be  $205.

Vision Benefits vs deal shopping

Vision Insurance Benefits vs Shopping on the Web

The average eye exam costs $134.  With vision insurance you might pay the $25 co-pay and $126 for eyeglasses after a discount.  Your vision insurance premiums ran $180 so your savings compared to “no insurance” cost of $360 leaves you with $29 savings.

Shopping on the web can be a better deal.

  1. Save the $$180 for vision insurance premiums.   Apply this savings to your basic health insurance.
  2. Choose a doctor close to home, work or school.  Don’t be tied to special network doctors.
  3. Look for daily deals from Groupon, LivingSocial, Amazon Local, Angie’s List, and Google Local.  You can usually find an eye exam offer every month.  You’ll get an eye exam and $100 or more toward eye ware, a $234 value for $49.  That’s a $185 savings or about six-times the $29 savings with vision insurance.
  4. Take a look at www.BidmyGlasses.com.   You can get the same savings as a daily-deal offer; find doctors any day you choose by zip code, see pictures of their offices, choose an exam by date and time you are available.  Then book the exam online without any phone hassle.   BidmyGlasses.com is available every day all day long.

Next time your basic health insurance premiums go up think about vision insurance.  You’ll get a better deal with BidmyGlasses. The

Vision Insurance vs Shopping on the Webn get those super cool designer frames with super lightweight lens and special tint.  You earned it.

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