About BidmyGlasses Savings

How does BidmyGlasses offer savings on eye examinations and coupons for purchasing eye glasses, contacts, and cleaning supplies?

There are important considerations.  First, the savings are only available for special appointment times.  The hard-to-fill times and days that might normally go unused.  Second, we do not show the doctor’s name, address, and contact information until after you prepay for the examination.  Third, the prepayment is non-refundable.

Eye doctors choose what appointments they want to extend special savings.  They could not afford to discount all their appointments.  However, some difficult to fill exam times are ideal promotion opportunities.   The savings are important to people without vision insurance.

We do not reveal all the doctor’s contact information until you purchase the eye exam appointment.  The doctor cannot stay in business and offer these savings to every patient.  After you pay for the exam time we show you the doctor’s name, address, and contact details.  We confirm the appointment details by email and by text two-hours before the appointment.

Your prepayment is non-refundable.  Not everyone visits an eye doctor every year.  Some patients don’t keep the appointments … no-shows are expensive.  Doctors will work with you to reschedule another time but your payment is nonrefundable.

BidmyGlasses works hard to bring you the tools and savings normally available to those with vision insurance.  You might not have exactly the appointment time you would like but you will always have the savings you want.


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