50% off Lenses! Not the Deal you Expect

A very heavily advertised offer for eyeglasses from the big chain stores is 50% off lenses.

Half off normally represents a great deal.  With eyeglasses you need to see all the parts. The average person spends $360 with an eye doctor.  That’s $134 for the exam and $226 for the eyeglasses. Lenses are only a small part of the purchase.

Eyeglasses are priced by the frames, the lenses, and the protective coatings.

Average Eyeglasses Cost

Eye Exam               $134            
Frames                     $  86
Lenses                     $  90   half off lenses saves $45 
Coatings                   $  50
  Subtotal Glasses     $226                                
TOTAL                  $360        Save $45 or 12%

Savings half on lenses is a nice offer … $45 on the average.  But you can do better.

Check out the daily deal offers from Groupon, LivingSocial, Google Offers, and Amazon Local.  You can usually buy into an eye exam + eyeglass credit valued at $200 for $75.  That’s two to three times more savings than the big chains offering 50% off lenses.

Lenses are not the whole story

Half Off Lenses?

You can also check out BidmyGlasses.  We help eye doctors fill open exam times.  If your schedule fits one of these special exams then you can save a lot of money.  You pick the doctor, the date, the time-of-day, and select from savings that fit your budget. See the exam price in advance.  Book online without any phone calls.

If you have vision insurance then expect the $134 eye exam to be free for your monthly premiums better if your employer provides free vision insurance benefits.  Most vision insurance plans provide for 20% discount on eyeglasses.  Total value $180 or just about equal to the monthly premiums. That’s Okay.  It’s great if your employer provides free vision insurance.

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