5 Signs You Should Get New Eyeglasses

For those of us wearing eyeglasses it’s hard to recognize when it’s a good time to think about new eyeglasses.  Our eyeglasses get very comfortable.  We wear them 16-hours/day every day of the year.  Life goes forward and our eyeglasses just … well, they just get older.    

Do you need new eyeglasses? Ask yourself:

  1. Do you remember when and where you got your eyeglasses?   Have you changed jobs or moved?  Is the eye doctor still there?  Has it been a couple of years?
  2. After cleaning, are the scratches more noticeable?  Even the most diligent effort will not take away years of wear.  365, 730, maybe 1,095 days and the best eyeglasses will suffer.
  3. Even after cleaning, do things still not seem right?  It may not be your eyeglasses.  You should really think about an eye exam.
  4. Why do I keep adjusting my glasses? Do they slip a little bit?  Maybe they are just a little off?  Wouldn’t it be nice if they just fit like new?
  5. Are the nosepads worn beyond recognition?  Enough said.

Perhaps more importantly, our old eyeglasses make us look older.  You know those Sarah Palin fashion frames that looked so good in 2008?  Not so good in 2013.

BidmyGlasses lets eye doctors bid on your next eye exam.  Eye doctors use BidmyGlasses to fill unused or open exams.  They bid with special prices and coupon discounts toward your eyeglass lenses and frames.  You see available exams, even same day exams, were you can choose from several doctors.  Just select a location, see pictures of the eye doctors, brief biographies, view open dates, times, and prices.  You can book open exams online 24/7 even when the doctor’s office is not open.

Isn’t it time to get new eyeglasses?


ABOUT BidmyGlasses

BidmyGlasses helps find nearby eye doctors and instantly book appointments online, anytime 24/7. BidmyGlasses works with local optometrists to fill unused appointments and secures special prices and merchandise discounts for patients that want to save money.  BidmyGlasses was founded in 2012 and currently serves a population of 954,000 people in Kingwood, Humble, Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, and Tomball Texas.


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