46-million Eye Exams Go Empty

46-million eye exams will go unused this year.  It’s an amazing 33% of US eye doctor’s time.   Why?  New doctors are not very well known and don’t have enough patients.  Established doctors have a few hard-to-fill exam times that regularly go empty. But unused exams are not just about the doctors.

90-million adults skip vision care.   Half of the 180-million adults that would benefit from vision care will postpone care for two, three and four years.  They need a new optometrist.  They moved, changed jobs, or no longer in school.  Their old eyeglasses work well enough.  New eyeglasses are expensive.  Finding a comfortable doctor is tough.

Half of adults that would benefit from eye care, 90-million, will see an eye doctor … the usual patients with vision insurance along with seniors as vision changes with age.  About one-third pay cash.  With an average exam and eyeglasses costing over $300 that’s a big cash purchase.

An eye exam can be tough decision for cash paying and new patients.  Use the web and find hundreds of optometrists.  Narrow your choices with zip code, maps but you still don’t know much about the doctor, their staff; how well-stocked is their inventory?  Good optician?  Then call to negotiate an appointment convenient for you and the doctor.  Remember to call during office hours. Oh, what’s it going to cost?

BidmyGlasses can help find a doctor by work, home, or school.  See dates and times of immediately available exams.  See pictures of the doctor, their staff, and their office.  You will also see the exam price and a coupon/credit toward new eyeglasses.  You can even book the exam online anytime without any phone hassle.

Life’s just busy.  Postponing vision care isn’t a good idea.  Your vision is very important and your old scratched, out-of-fashion eyeglasses make you look even older.  Check out BidmyGlasses.  You’ll look younger and see better.

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