$200 Daily Deal and Another $200 for Eyeglasses?

You know the offers from Groupon, Living Social, Amazon, and Google … $225 for eye glasses and you still spend another $200 at the doctor’s office!

What gives?  Getting older and it’s getting really expensive?

Daily Deals

Eyeglasses Daily Deals

Here’s the story.  The average patient without any coupon spends $360 on eyeglasses.  The range is pretty broad, as low as $175 and over $600.  It’s all about your good looks.  Let’s break it down.


EYE EXAM ($134)  You need a current eye exam to get new eyeglasses.  The average eye exam is $134 and you might pay a bit more for some additional tests if something looks unusual. That’s about one-half hour with the doctor.  You really want to get this part correct.

FRAMES  ($80)  It’s easy to think drug-store readers for $20 but you want to look younger.  You have to wear eyeglasses now.  Good frames will compliment your complexion, the color of your hair and your eyes.  Or, you can just look like a discount store shopper.  Designer frames will add personality to your new look.  Really nice frames will cost another $100.  Just think of this as a new outfit that you will wear every day for the next year.

LENSES ($120)  Now that you look good think about comfort.  If you need bifocals or multifocal lens then get progressive no-line lenses so you don’t look like grandma.  Light-weight polycarbonate lenses will be thinner, more comfortable, and help you look younger.

COATINGS ($24)  People want to see your eyes and new high-tech coatings make a big difference.  Anti-refractory coatings (non-glare) make the lenses appear to be invisible and you will look younger.  New UV coatings will help reduce the chances of cataracts.  Yes, time to give your eyes a little help.  New photochromic and anti-fog coatings make life easier.

Daily Deals for Eyeglasses

Daily Deals for Eyeglasses

If you are average then expect to spend $360 less the$225 coupon means another $135 in the doctor’s office. If you want to be more comfortable and look younger then you’ll spend more.

Get a good deal but realize looking younger and special costs a little more.  Now that you know, check out BidmyGlasses.  You can save money and find a great doctor near work, home or school.  If you can make one of these special exams work you’ll really look good and save money.

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