10 Reasons Patients Delay Eye Exams

1.  Couldn’t find a doctor.  Wanted someone close to work but didn’t want just the first name in the directory. My last eye exam and eye doctor cost too much.

2.  Couldn’t decide on a doctor I liked.  Women say it doesn’t matter but given an equal choice, women choose a women doctor.  Business men will chose a business looking doctor.

3.  I wanted someone with lots of eyeglasses.  I’m particular.  I wanted to update my style.  It’s difficult to find an eye doctor with eyeglasses I like.

Easier way to eye exams

BidmyGlasses Last Minutes Eye Exams

4.  I found someone, called and they didn’t answer the phone.  I was calling from my mobile phone on break and they never answered.   It happens when short staffed, someone leaves, a new hire just learning, and the phone rings and rings.

5.  I called and was put on hold so long I just hung up.  Patients in the office have priority.  Patients returning to pick up new eyeglasses have priority.  Patients want to check out.  Most offices are very busy.

6.  I called and they were booked on my day off.  Most people call 1-2 days ahead when they know their schedule. That’s also when the doctor’s calendar is booked.

7.  I called and the next available exam was 2-week out.  See #6

8.  I called, got an exam to fit my schedule, and my boss change plans, so I had to cancel.  Not everyone has control.  Many patients fit their lives around work, family, chores, and others.  Life happens.

9.  I booked an exam and then forgot to keep the appointment.  So embarrassed I didn’t go back.  See #8

10. I need new eyeglasses and an exam but it’s just too expensive.  So, my old eyeglasses will have to go another year.

What’s the answer?  Online scheduling and BidmyGlasses.  We can help you put your exam schedule online.  Real exam times.  Let patients see when they can make an appointment.   Avoid the phone hassle.  Next, let BidmyGlasses work with your close dated open exams.  We’ll reach new patients for you.  Patients that will make your open exam times work in their schedule.  Just offer them a little incentive.  Everybody wins.

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40-million eye exams expire un-used every year while 90-million adults skip annual vision care.  Why?  It is complicated to find a new optometrist, negotiate an appointment, book-an-exam, and expensive if an employer does not sponsor vision insurance.  Patients will make the time for that eye exam when it is easier for them.  See Better.  Look Better.  Save Money. BidmyGlasses

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