10 Reasons to Book your Eye Exam with BidmyGlasses


If not now than when?

It’s been years. Your old eyeglasses are making you look older. It’s time for an eye exam.


No Phone Hassle

Book online in minutes 24/7 anytime. No waiting for office hours, no waiting on hold, no schedule negotiations.


See leading local optometrists

Nobody else has everything you need to find the best eye doctor, exam date, time, prices, and savings for an eye exam.



Pay here or at the doctor’s office. Use your vision insurance. It all works with a secure online booking.


Everything you need is here

No vision insurance, paying cash? We can help. Have insurance, lucky you, we can help. Medicare? Yes. Just eyeglasses, we can do that too.


Expert Support

Not certain about the doctor? Give us a call and we’ll point you to the information you need. Find the perfect eye exam for your next eyeglasses or contact lens.


Stop searching

Web searches, directories, healthcare sites show thousands of doctors. BidmyGlasses shows you what counts … your zip, doctors info, office pics, exam details, prices, and special offers.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason then we’ll refund your complete BidmyGlasses purchase. We’ll also help you if you are not satisfied with any other part of your new vision ware.


Convenient online booking

Book your exam online, anytime, in minutes without any phone hassle.


Look younger and see better

Your eyeglasses are getting old. Time for you to look younger and see better.

Book with BidmyGlasses

See eye doctors by zip code near home, work, or school. Select the exam time that fits your schedule. Book online 24/7 without any phone hassle.

What’s your zip code

Four ways to go

1. Pay now and save time
2. Pay at the doctor’s office
3. Medicare?
4. Just eyeglasses … we can help you